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Why Rewire Your Property?

There is no set date or time when you should rewire your property. However, it is highly important to make checks around your domestic or commercial property at least every 10 years if not before, ensuring maximum safety for you and others!

If any wires are damaged through wear and tear, are old or experience any other faults, then they will need to be checked and possibly changed – allowing you a safer property, as well as a less costly bill in the future.

Thorough checks are essential to do around your household or business property, as they allow you both peace of mind and safety. If any unusual signs are brought to your attention, then it is advised you to get in touch with us on 01647 440231, for the highest level of reassurance and safety precautions around your property.

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What to look out for

  • Lights flickering – a circuit could be breaking which could lead to larger and costlier problems if not sorted promptly.
  • Damaged wires and cables – meaning a potential problem could be formed, which will need to be sorted as soon as possible.
  • Burnt out plug sockets – which could be caused from overusing or left on, meaning more risks of heat being produced, triggering shocks or fires.
  • Old property – old wiring could mean more chance of faults and damage in the future if not changed to new and up-to-date wires.

Is Data Cabling Important?

It is important to have the most secure data cabling for your premise, allowing an efficient, fast flowing network which is suitable for all your needs.

Benefits of Data Cabling

Having the most up to date and protected data cabling available guarantees you to achieve maximum speed and network for your property, rather than your old and overused data cables, as they are:

  • Reliable
  • A good investment for the future – businesses will benefit the most from this
  • Quicker – enhancing the speed of your network
  • Many IT equipment can be used at the same time, running off one data cable
  • Offer flexibility to your network
  • Cost-efficient

Whether you are a landlord and your rental property requires its annual safety checks and appliance testing, or you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your wiring, our experts are on hand to assist you.

What Are the Benefits of Cabling New Builds?

Having a fresh new build to work with can work to your advantage! Having control with what wires go where and what cabling you would like to install, allows you to have an easier access facility for your data cabling, as well as provide a faster and more up to date facilities – meaning you achieve the highest set of results when it comes to your networks.

When wiring a new property, it is important to cover all possible cables, making sure you reach all possible areas – check out a range of other wiring services for both domestic and commercial properties HERE.

This doesn’t mean you need all wiring to be put in place, but the correct cabling must be installed for the future, allowing a cost-efficient way of any further cabling.

By installing all the necessary wiring in your new build before you go ahead with decorating, you are allowing yourself to know where all the wires are if any future problems occur, as well as provide an area where you can discreetly hide the cables from out of sight.

By wiring a new build, you can receive bespoke cabling, producing faster and a more dependable network – allowing your property to gain a complete networking service that will reach all areas of your new home.

What Safety Standards Need to Be Taken?

The safety in your property is vitally import and must be checked and up-to-date using the correct materials and equipment. Using NICEIC safety standards, you can gain great peace of mind knowing you are in safe and competent hands when installing or changing your cabling in your household or business.

Whether you need to rewire a new build, current property or check for any problems, you can depend on us to meet and exceed all safety standards on your property, by calling 01647 440231.

Appliance Testing

Safety Procedures

Firstly, your property will receive a plan of what rewiring and safety procedures will need to be undertaken, allowing a safe and reliable service with no problems. This may involve lifting floor boards, going behind walls and even in some cases ceilings if needed to reach your cables.

All electrical work must be carried out by highly experienced electricians who ALWAYS  follow the health and safety guidelines, allowing a safe and reliable property for both you and others.

Covering all health and safety regulations, you can be sure you will be receiving the highest level of services available for either your new or old property.

Wires being checked and fixed
Electrical Testing Equipment

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