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The Importance Of Using An NICEIC Approved Contractor

Regardless of what electrical work is being completed, you should always select an NICEIC approved contractor. This ensures you receive the highest standard of service and that all electrical work is carried out safely.

BNC Electrical Contractors are NICEIC approved contractors and offer a wide range of electrical services for commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial Electricians

Protect Your Property

The main factor in choosing an NICEIC approved contractor is to keep both domestic and commercial properties protected. Whilst any electrician may seem to do a sufficient job, with an NICEIC approved electrician, you are given full assurance that your property is protected and all electrical work is completed to the highest standard.

AS NICEIC members complete training on a range of electrical work, they are prepared for every situation and will always leave your electrics in the best possible condition. Whether you require design, installation, repairs or replacements, approved electricians will always leave you fully satisfied.

Domestic Electricians

Following Health & Safety Requirements

Most electricians should have health and safety as a top priority, however, that doesn’t always mean they are following and meeting health and safety requirements. When you use an NICEIC approved contractor, you know that all health and safety requirements will be met regardless of the size of the job and how complex it may be to complete.

This means that all equipment being used is of industry standard requirements and has always been tested correctly to ensure it is suitable for the job at hand. All staff working on the job will also be fully trained to handle this equipment, preventing any errors with the equipment that could lead to potential dangers for the electrician or for people within the property.

Training & Competence

To become an NICEIC approved contractor, it is important you have the right knowledge and expertise within the industry, by meeting all safety standards, codes of practices and rules of the schemes they are registered to, this ensures they have the competence to deliver an effective and safe service to all clients.

They will also demonstrate their capabilities and competence to complete all relevant technical abilities. This means, no matter what electrical work is required and how long you require an electrician for, all work should be completed to a high standard with the electrician or contractor having a good understanding of each appliance.

Without the necessary training, this could mean that some electricians are not completing work correctly and therefore your property electricals are not safe to use. With NICEIC approved contractors, all electrical appliances should be completely safe to use and in fantastic condition.

Quality Work

With all NICEIC approved contractors, you are fully guaranteed of quality work. If any NICEIC approved contractor does not leave the consumer fully satisfied with the standard of the electrical work, then this will be put right by the NICEIC. To ensure all contractors who are approved maintain a high level of service that never drops, all work that is not of the right standard will be amended.

With a complaints procedure also in place, all problems are dealt with immediately. This means when you require an emergency electrician, your issue should be resolved without any delay and you can always rely on the NICEIC if you are not happy with your service.

Plugin Installation

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For more information on why to use an NICEIC approved contractor or to use our NICEIC approved team at BNC Electrical Contractors, get in touch with us today. You will always receive a fast response from our team and we are happy to discuss all our services. Call us now on 01647 440 231 or 07950 329 873 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.